Saturday, January 15, 2011

Presenter try-outs

Summer is in full swing and this means the wet season. This year is a good year for the flora and fauna of Djuma Game Reserve with very good rains having fallen thus far. These last few days have been no exception and today WE have had non-stop rain since 3 am. Unfortunately, this weather did not permit Johann to go out this morning on his try-out drive and he has had to return to his family in Hoedspruit. WE have decided to postpone these audition drives until the weather improves and WE will keep our viewers informed when this will happen.

Thank you all for your support,



  1. Thanks for letting us know Marc. WE want all the tryout presenters to have a full fair chance to shine!

  2. Thank you Marc, yes please do give them a tryout for experiance and knowledge, thank you.
    Regards Doris