Thursday, January 27, 2011

WE's first sighting of Karula's cubs!

WE have seen Karula's cubs looking well and full of energy! Amazing Mixo and Induna were first viewed by WE on Jan 26 2009, this is the first time WE have viewed her new litter and it is just a day later two years on and they will also be around 2 months old!

While at the gate, Patrick was lucky enough to see the lady and the cubs leisurely crossing over MMM from Simbambili down on to Vyatela access road around 9am. She had been seen by the guides heading towards Simbambili in the West earlier this morning with out the cubs.

Melusi and Catherine also had a brief view of her on Vuyatela access road late last night. With her bringing the cubs back to the same area she was seen last night, there is a good chance she made a kill there and she was bringing the cubs to the kill! With luck she might stay in the area and WE will have chance to see the tiny cubs again soon!

Having the call from Patrick we jumped aboard Ganda to see if we could catch a glimpse of her on camera. We caught up with the small family South of Sandy Patch on Impala road. The cubswere darting from side of the road to the other, playing and chasing, as Karula slowly continued on her chosen path.

Our last view was of her cutting South through the bush. Having had heavy rain last night, the ground was too wet to follow, so we sat and watched in the hope we will be privileged enough to see them again very soon! Stay tuned in case it is out side of drive time again!

The footage will follow shortly!

Written by Tara


  1. Omg Omg Omg... Did we get a peak if they were boys or girls? They are beautiful as her cubs always are! Thanks for the sneak peek...