Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bayizana batteries

Yesterday, our broadcast vehicle (the faithful "Ganda") was called back to camp before the end of drive, due to low batteries. With the Ganda back in the workshop we re-arranged the chargers, to get the most out of them, and get the Ganda back to full power as soon as possible.

*When deep cycle batteries are fully charged they only need a small amount of daily charging to keep them healthy.

This morning at 05h00 the batteries were still not fully charged :( If we sent out the vehicle with low batteries this problem would keep on happening and we would damage the batteries to such a degree that they would not hold any charge, after some time. By giving the batteries this extra rest (charge) we can hopefully get back to broadcasting full 3 hour game drives.

Please join us on our PM Safari at 15h30 Central African Time with a healthy Ganda and hopefully some great game!

Written by Herman Gerber

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