Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Drive times

Hi eveyone, hope some of you saw Karula and the cubs with me this morning! It was a very special moment for me, seeing them for the first time. At the end of drive, on our way back, we found two elephant bulls who are now on the open area near camp as I type this, eating Marula fruits. The biggest of the two is a bull WE know as Mgoti and I hope he will be around for the drive this afternoon.

As it is now February, drive times are changing and as of today, the 1st, WE will start the PM safari at 15h30CAT, a half hour earlier than WE have been going out. The morning drive times will stay the same for the time being, until the sunrise becomes too late and it is still dark out at 05h30.

See you all from out there!


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  1. Marc, I hate to correct you but the ellie bull you saw isn't Mgodi. Mgodi has a hole lower in his right ear and his tusks are more pointed and straightforward. But this bull you saw is just as magnificent. If you look at the drives from early October around the 10th you will see Mgodi. :-)