Monday, February 14, 2011

Karula, keeping us guessing!

Short maned Gijima male 14/2/2011
Hi everyone!

Karula is keeping us guessing to where she will pop up next!

I was informed by Texan, a guide at Vuyatela, her tracks were seen in the North around sandy patch area this morning. She could still have the cubs in the West, in Simbambili or in the North on Buffleshoek.

She does need to be very careful as the 3 Nkuhuma lionesses were with the 2 Gijima males on the quarantine open area this morning. The other female with the cubs was missing this morning, she could possibly have made a kill with the cubs elsewhere.

Nkuhuma Lioness 14/2/2011

It looks like Karula may still have been hunting around Impala plains, as tracks were found in the area heading North towards Sandy Patch. With the lions and all the hyena activity in Western Gowrie she is probably hiding the cubs in thicker bush to protect them at the moment.

I am sure WE will have chance to see the cubs again soon, but at this stage, she is being very careful not to risk predators seeking her out. Especially with cubs as small as they are, they are not likely to be able to climb too well at the moment. This eventually will be their saving grace and she will probably be more willing to bring them further into the center of her territory when they can.
Long maned Gijima male 14/2/2011

For now though WE have to be patient and enjoy this time to view the lions WE don't often get chance to see! Even Induna and Mixo have been out and about the last few days and looking even more impressive as young male leopards.

Written by Tara

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