Thursday, February 17, 2011

Karula's cubs have been seen!

Karula's cub, 17 Feb 2011
Hi everyone,

The cubs have been seen and they look very well, if not a bit wet!

WE caught up with Karula hunting yesterday at the Sandy Patch area on Vuyatela access road. With the wind blowing in the wrong direction and thick bush it is difficult to say if she caught something. WE left the area we last saw her, with hope she might bring the cubs back from the West soon!

Karula's cub 17 Feb 2011

We were in luck! This morning as Patrick was heading back to camp due to rain, he was told Karula was on MMM with the cubs. Sadly the rain persisted, so we were unable to view the family live on drive, so myself and Seb went out in the rain to take pictures and get some footage with the small camera to share with you. One cub was sat in a small tree with Karula resting at the bottom. She was very relaxed with us being there and even curled up to sleep! The other cub was hidden from view, possibly in another tree.

The cubs will be around 3 months old now and they are already climbing thin trees, I would love to know if they are strong enough to climb Marula trees yet! Lets hope the skills improve rapidly, as this will help them survive. WE were told there was a hyena around the base of the tree the other cub was in before Patrick arrived the first time. Maybe this is why she was waiting on a busy road with the cubs. Not wanting to risk moving them again until the hyena was well out of the way!

Karula's cub not enjoying the rain 17 Feb 2011

The rain was stopping and the sun was trying to break through the clouds, so Patrick headed out once more after drive to try bring Karula and the cubs live. By the time he got there, she was already on the move! Possibly deciding it was safe enough to continue moving the cubs. WE caught a glimpse as she disappeared into the bush, heading East back on to Western Gowrie!

Look out for Sebastien's Blog about this morning's drive and the video clip of the cubs!

Written by Tara

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