Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sad News about the Gowrie Gang.

Hi everyone,

Graham has confirmed the female baboon who lost her baby was LB. This is her second loss and it is unclear how or when it died, it could have been a week to 10days ago. WE caught up with the troop again yesterday morning and they seemed a little more at ease than they did even a couple of days ago. She has even let go of the body, although she still calls out for time to time, maybe in the hope of hearing a reply.

It is difficult say how the troop are taking the loss, but the first day we caught up with them, after hearing the news, I felt there was a difference in their behaviour. The troop seemed to stay closer together and it was almost like they were on edge. Two days later they were a lot more settled but still not 100% right.

LB is the lowest ranking female, but even through this traumatic time, it looks as though some of the other troop members might have tried to comfort her. We watched her being groomed, as she held the tiny body close a few days ago and even the younger baboons came over to see her.

There could be any number of explanations as to why it died. Even though it is part of life, it is still a very difficult side of nature to witness. Being able to view the troop even during this sad time, I think can help us to understand even more about them. It seems each time the troop have a knock like this, it pulls them closer together as a family.

Thankfully Mrs Psycho's little one seems to be doing well and hopefully will continue to bring a smile to our faces as it learns more of the world around it and the confident grows. Maybe LB will fall pregnant again and have better luck with her next offspring in the future. Baboons can cycle as soon as 5 months after birth, but it is normally more like 10-11 months.

If you would like to see pictures and learn more about the Gowrie Gang, here is the link to the facebook page

Written by Tara

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