Saturday, February 19, 2011

Video of Karula's cub sitting in a tree!

Hi everyone!

Here is the video clip of the cubs from the 17 Feb on MMM. Karula must have been in the middle of moving them when they possibly came across a hyena. One cub was up a tree, the other with Karula on the ground.

WE joined the sighting after the hyena left, but couldn't go live at this stage due to rain. WE had hoped the rain would stop, but it only got heavier forcing us to return to camp. Myself and Seb decided to go out after drive to see if we could at least get some footage with the small camera and photographs of the cubs to share with you.

We took it in turns to film and take pictures, enjoying every moment even as the rain poured down on us! We could only see the one, but it was wonderful to be able to sit with it and see the spot pattern even if we couldn't see what sex it was! If you haven't yet seen the pictures they are on the previous Blogs, here are the links:

As the rain cleared Patrick went out with the Ganda to try and go Live on Wildearth Safari with Karula and the cubs, but she had other plans! She must have decided it was safe enough to continue moving on so Patrick caught up with her just as she was disappearing into the bush.

To view a clearer version here is the link to the video on facebook:

WE hope you enjoy these few clips of Karula and one of the cubs. She has been seen just over the boundary in Buffleshoek today, so it looks like she is slowly making her way back to Western Gowrie, now the lions have vacated the area once more. With luck if she feels it is safe enough, WE should start to see the cubs Live on drive soon!

Written by Tara

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