Friday, March 25, 2011


It's been a very bad week. We have been hit with somewhat of a bombshell....
Pat handed in his resignation.
He has a wonderful opportunity, which he wants to develop and to this needs to devote more time to that venture.
I have to be honest and say that coming on top of Mel leaving, this is a big blow for us all and although we have tried to persuade him to stay, we wish him well.
As a friend, I am pleased that he has this opportunity and wish him luck. Of-course we will support him in any way we can.
The good news is that he has agreed to stay around as long as his new commitments permit, and although he'll need some time off to attend conferences, he's happy to continue fitting in drives when he can. This allows him time to ramp up his new venture, rather than jump in at the deep end.
To be sure we'll always welcome him at Djuma.

We have been interviewing Technicians this week and have a couple of strong candidates but now we'll need to start over interviewing presenters next week. Thankfully we have plenty of time to find a new presenter, so look out for the next bout of try out drives which I hope will be towards the end of April.

Pat will let you know more about his plans on Sunday nights FSC but in the meantime has asked me to post his thoughts below.

"Hi Everyone

It is with a heavy heart that I have made a decision to leave my role as presenter at Safari TV. I have been offered a wonderful opportunity to explore other aspects of the wildlife industry and although I still enjoy my work I do here, after nearly two years of Presenting in front of the camera I Have decided to move on

I will continue to have a great relationship with safari T v and the crew and will be coming back in the future to do some live safaris if time allows. I will still continue to work and do safaris until mid April so I am sure we will have many Laughs and great sightings until then.

I will take many fond memories with me as I continue on my chosen path and would like to thank you all so much for your support over the past two years. I would also like to say a special thank you to all the Crew I have worked, Craig, Herman, Marc, Tara, Sipiwe, Sebastian, and Cat, guys and girls WE have had many, many great times together, memories which I will cherish.



  1. Ohhhh Nooo, Patrick, we will miss you horribly!!! The "laughter of the bush" wil be silent for Djuma Djunkies!! Best wishes on your new endeavors, you have been a great guide, teacher and friend to us all! A great future awaits you Patrick!!!

  2. We will all miss you but wish you the very best luck in your new endeavour

  3. I hope you keep us updated on what you will be doing. Hopefully our friendship will continue as you go on with your life. i think it is great news, you can accomplish so much as you are a fabulous person. Your ability to keep your composure under the most trying of conditions, has been a great example.

  4. The laughter of the bush will now be silent.We will miss your smile Your laughter Your knowledge.I wish you the best in your future but will miss you so much.

  5. Oh dear Patrick, you will be sorely missed! I have so enjoyed the drives with you for the last year and half... I totally understand your desire to move on however, and wish you the very very best!

  6. Good luck to you always Patrick! I will miss seeing you on safari tv!

  7. Oh Patrick. I will miss your beautiful smile and contagious laugh. Wishing you only the best in your new path through life. You know how much you will be missed, I am sure. Please keep in touch.

  8. Well, good luck to you Patrick!! We will miss you on the drives!!

  9. So sorry to hear this news, but a person has to experience new things to grow. I'll miss your wit and laughter, your knowledge and stories. Perhaps you'll be able to share some of your new experiences with us in the future. best of luck with your next learning curve.

  10. I must say .. this left me speechless when I saw the post while in chat.. Huge bombshell for sure.

    Patrick, also with a heavy heart here, I'm sorry to see you leave us. I wish for you only the best of luck in your new path,I know you will be a wonderful edition to the wildlife industry. I will miss not only the laugh ,, but the how excited you can get over seeing one of our critters here..

  11. Patrick, your infectious laugh, beautiful smile, humour and knowledge will be missed. You always made a drive fun. All good wishes to you wherever you go and do. Many thanks.

  12. Thank you for all the laughter and stories. Thanks driving around showing us the animals - you will be missed. Best wishes in your new path. Holly (savuti)

  13. I've only been watching about a year but one of the first comments I saw in chat was about how great Patrick's laugh is. I too have come to enjoy his laugh & his many African stories. I'm sad to see you go Patrick & will miss you very much. I wish I could grab hold & keep you here. Although I enjoy all guides, WE for me just won't feel the same. I missed you when you were on vacation & was so happy when you returned. I hope the best for you.

  14. Oh Patrick, WE will miss you so much--your drives and stories, wonderful laugh and gentleness, your knowledge of the animals, your tact and handsome self! However, I am also experiencing much joy for you in your new opportunity, and I wish every happiness and success for your future. Please visit us again and let us know how your life is turning out!

  15. Will MISS you Patrick, glad to here you'll be around for a while to give us joy with your wonderful humor.