Saturday, March 5, 2011

Drive Changes


Hi to all our viewers,

As from today, March 5th, up to and including Tueday March 8th, WE will be cutting our PM safari short by one hour. WE will be back to the 3 hour PM Safari from Wednesday 9th March. We are doing this in order to ensure that the bank of deep cycle batteries can return to a fully charged state in order to prevent further incidents of the drive being cut short unexpectedly.

WE will be starting the PM safari at 16h30 CAT for these 4 days, ending at 18h30 CAT.

On another note, I thought I would share a few images with those of you who read the blog. I am going through other images and will post them soon.

Bulls sparring near Philemon's Dip

Karula's cub at my feet



  1. Marc this drive was absolutely amazing! first one i'd watched and the cubs came right to you! I wish I could work with the wild animals

  2. Thank you Marc, I sure understand obout the batteries...well i learned after e few dead batteries here. lol
    Love the photos og the ellies and cub. Thank you Marc and we crew!

  3. Awwww... so cute :) Glad to see the baby is gaining the confidence that Karula is instilling in them.

  4. Wonderful shots Marc. Thank you for sharing! This looks to be the cub Graham suspects is female. What a go getter! Chris

  5. Great drive and great photos, Marc.

    El -

  6. Thanks Marc, I loved this drive and your photos capture the magic of it so well. Thank you for sharing, as always. Hugs x