Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Leopard Day!

Yesterday (2011.03.29) was a real leopard day for me and I thought I should share a few pictures and thoughts with you!

It all started with Karula being very relaxed on Mamba Road. We (Patrick and I) spent a bit of time with her before she started moving off. She looked like she was on hunt, stopping and listening for a few minutes after a few steps. Another vehicle wanted to pull into the sighting so we pulled out and Patrick decided to go back to Treehouse Dam where Induna had a kill up a tree…As we got there Patrick spotted Induna (with his eagle eyes!) laying in the grass. After a few yawns he finally stood up and made his way towards his kill (a young warthog). We watched him as he climbed up the tree and tried to find a confortable position to finish his meal. I managed to get a few nice shots that I will post with this blog. I will also download more of them in a separate album on my public profile.

We must have stayed with him for half an hour before two hyenas arrived, obviously attracted by the smell of blood and the sound of crushing bones! Induna being Induna, he almost dropped his kill a couple of times and managed to let all the warthog’s intestines loose and let them fall on the ground…to the hyaenas greatest pleasure!

As the sun set to the west we made our way back to camp and put the vehicle in charge. I decided to go and visit a dear friend in a neighbouring lodge and on my way I had the luck to bump into Karula and her cubs on Gowrie Main, going towards Triple M. She was very relaxed and her cubs were in a very playful mood…Luckily I had my camera with me and I also managed to get a few shots of them. I apologise for the quality of the pictures but it was really dark and the only source of light I could get was from my car and I didn’t want to blind them! I will also upload a separate album on my public profile with more pictures of Karula and her cubs!

But for now you can enjoy these ones! What a day yesterday! And I am glad I could share it with some of you at that time! And with some more people now!


Written by Sebastien
Pictures by Sebastien