Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another Jacques

Thanks to every one who has sent comments regarding our first try out presenter Jacques Human.
We have several more candidates to try out before making a decision and I hope you will understand that I cannot make comment on an individual before we have seen everyone, but I have noted your views.
Next (and here is where its going to get confusing) is another Jacques (Jacques Gouws).
Jacques Gouws is a free lance guide who is also studying Nature Conservation. He arrives in camp today (Tuesday 12th), for training and then a few try out drives. He'll be with us for six days and so you will give us all have ample opportunity to watch his drives and also (importantly) for him to relax into the role.
As with all candidates we wish Jacques G, good luck and look forward to his drives.

Our new internee Daniel also arrives today. He will be training and assisting with both Camera and Editing over the next few months, with the prospect of full time employment if all goes well. Daniel has not lived in the African bush before so he may take some time to adjust to bush living, but he is very keen and has a passion for the art of wildlife cinematography. Once he has settled in then he'll introduce himself on Sundays FSC.
Written by Will

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