Thursday, April 7, 2011

Back to full strength

Hi Folks. As you know we're looking for a new presenter and as part of that will be conducting some try out drives again. Although this time things will be a little different. I know a lot of you let me know that you would like to see more than one drive from each candidate, such that the candidate gets chance to relax into the role and show us what they can do. So the next batch of try out drives will be 4-7 days depending on how much time the candidate can spare.
First off will be Jacques Human, who arrives in camp on Friday and will stay with us for four days. His first drive will be on Saturday, following training with Tara and Craig.

Jacques is South African and has been a big five guide for the last three years. He has a passion for wildlife and loves all sports. Look out for Jacques on Saturday PM drive.
As some of you have noted Pat has not returned to Djuma after we gave him time off to attend a conference. He sent us a note to say his new job meant he was unable to return and wants to apologise to all our viewers for breaking his promise to return.
I hope that you will not think unkindly of him, I know he would have continued if he could have, but his new project needs him full time and we wish him well.
Cat has returned to the UK after her internship with Safari TV, she will be missed by everyone in camp and we very much hope that the time she spent with us will benefit her in her future career.
We have another internee who will start with us next week on a three moth training assignment. Daniel Snyders is a South African camera person who wants to learn more about wildlife film work, he is a good friend of Sebs and we are looking forward to welcoming him to the team.
Written by Will Fox


  1. Wow Will this is lots of news! Thanks for the hard work! Looking forward to the new additions and tryouts.

  2. Another thought, Will:

    The other presenters who auditioned a few months ago were all excellent, in my opinion...for me, it wasn't that no one stood out--they were all so good that I was unable to have a preference!

  3. Glad to see things are happening - I was starting to worry about our diminishing team! Thanks for keeping us up to date Will and I look forward to seeing the try outs and to welcoming Daniel!