Thursday, April 7, 2011

Confirmation on the sexes of the cubs!

April 7 2011
Hi everyone!
What an absolute joy to see Karula and the cubs first thing this morning! WE have managed to confirm what everyone has suspected! She does have one male and one female cub! What made it even more special was being in the sighting with a couple of viewers all the way from Australia!

Her tracks were seen heading South across Gowrie Main from Twin dams, so another guide was following up as we headed south on twin dams road. As we were approaching Chela pan, he called to say he had just found Karula on Weaver's nest road and the cubs were with her!

Lucky for us we were in the right place to pull over as she made her way along Chela pan road towards us! The cubs were bouncing about, rolling in buffalo dung, trying to climb wide tree trunks, pouncing on mum and each other! They were so full of energy! The young male seems to be eager to check out new things, wondering from mum, but his sister seems to prefer staying closer to Karula!

Karula and cub 7 April 2011
Occasionally they would stop and stalk some francolins while Karula watched, but still being young they may have the instinct but not the skill yet to be successful in catching one.

We followed as she slowly made her way to the dip on twin dams road, north of the pan and we all hoped she would continue towards Gowrie dam, but she had other plans! Some of you might remember a sighting a couple of months ago when we had Induna lying down in the bush off twin dams road, barely being able to see more than a spot! WE found him due to the alarm call of Impala further North on the road. After finding him we pulled out of the sighting to allow other vehicles in and later returned as he made his way in to the bush off twin dam road. Where he lay down it was difficult for us to see him and it was here where Karula took the cubs into the bush this morning!

April 7 2011
Unable to follow due to a ditch, or donga as it is called here, in front of us, I tried to find another way in.  Having had rain in the last couple of days and a game viewer getting stuck in the mud just a meter off the road, I was taking it very carefully! We made our way in at the same place I had tried previously when Induna was there, but as we did the calls of the squirrel died away. Knowing the area now, I knew it was too thick to try and follow, so left her to her own devices!

It's great to know she is right in the center of Western Gowrie, which is the area we traverse. With her being here it should increase the opportunity of seeing her and the cubs on drive! I am so excited to see them again and I am sure I am not alone in that!

Thanks again for the pictures that were sent in, please keep them coming in!

Written by Tara

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  1. Aha!! So someone has lifted up their little tails to tell the tale of their sexes! It is about time (smile...). Once more, Karula has delivered a fascinating miracle to us, her loyal subjects: a mixed pair of cubbies, who may show different behavior and reactions that are related to their sexes and thus to their emerging hormonal characteristics. Foxey Lady never disappoints!