Saturday, April 30, 2011

The cubs meet their father!

Hi everyone,
I am back from a short but sweet leave which I took on a game reserve in Hoedspruit with friends! It was home from home and enjoyed the relaxation!

I thought I would write a quick Blog up dating on Karulas movements while I have been away for anyone who has missed them!

After such a fantastic morning drive with the family on the 12th April, she must have been successful in hunting, as no sign of her was found of her after that! Craig was lucky to catch a glimpse of her on his way to work on the 20th, strolling towards Phillamon's cutline. Sadly she disappeared before the Ganda could see her on drive! 

Sydney, our second tryout guide, had the next encounter with her on PM drive the following day, much to his and our delight! This was the first time in his career to see a leopard for so long! He was beaming when he returned to camp! Responding to a radio call about her, he caught up with our lady on Twin dams road heading towards Gowrie dam, marking territory along the way.

As the sunset, it looked like she was eying up the usual roosting spots of the guinea fowl, but instead of climbing the trees, she continued on towards the lodge where we were unable to follow.

On the 23rd, Karula was found with an impala carcass just West of MMM, which is out of our traversing area, but it is great to know she has been successful in providing her family with food! What has made this a special sighting was the presence of the cubs probable father, Yambilu-Jordaan! He was seen with them the following day sharing the kill! 

He visited Karula and the boys a few times while they were growing up and it looks like he might do the same this time! Lets hope the next visit will be on Western Gowrie! 

The last news we have of the lady was today during Marc's drive. She was seen walking passed Sidney's dam in Buffleshoek. If she is just over the boundary, WE might have a chance of seeing her tonight! 

Written by Tara

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  1. Jordaan big daddy .. Beautiful boy he is .. its amazing how all the time we find the critters dont read the leopard rule books we have seen before where jordaan had met and dined with The Boys as well .. they all just keep amazing us .