Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jacques Gouws not ready yet

Hi Folks
I know that many of you are wondering why the next try out candidate Jacques Gouws isn't on drive.
Well, the bottom line is that when he arrived in camp he felt that perhaps his experience and knowledge was not up to scratch. Of-course we had reviewed cv's and the normal vetting, but you know reality is sometimes different.
I didn't want to risk safety or compromise our standards, so I thought it prudent that Jacques did not lead a try out drive. It would not have been fair. I hope you will understand.
We have more try outs coming soon and I'll keep you up to date with that. I'll also be letting you know more about the new water hole camera installation happening next week.
Written by Will


  1. Thanks for the update Will.

  2. Thanks Will.... good for him for recognizing that... yes, what is on a cv can't really give you the full picture, and without seeing first hand the work at Djuma, it would be hard to know just what it is like. Looking forward to the next candidate (ps... I really liked Jacques H!)

  3. Water hole cam!!! Great surprise. One assumes it has IR capabilities, can we please get a night Zoomie! You have no idea how terrible it is to hear a herd of ellies off cam, splashing around and playing. I was thinking it would be a great opportunity for a Dixie teenager to learn about working with reserves, it would be cost effective also. Please please.

  4. Thanks for keeping us updated, great to read that WE will have a new waterhole cam, hopefully with infrared? I love to stay up all night long to watch the african night life :)
    By the way I very much enjoyed Jacques H. try outs, he was entertaining,knowledgeable and he looks good on camera