Friday, April 15, 2011

New water hole camera

Sorry that it has been a while coming, but we are finally in a position to upgrade the Djuma water hole camera.
We have a new state of the art camera to install in a new location about 50meters from the current site.
This will mean that we will need to take the exiting camera offline for several days starting on Sunday. That will give us time to re route the cables, dig trenches and build a new base for the camera. We have a team of guys who will start work early on Sunday (17th). Pete arrives later in the week to complete the wiring and commissioning and then we'll be back up an running with an Internet protocol camera. This new system allows for remote operation from anywhere in the world and we'll be developing this element over the next weeks.
Of-course working by a dam is not as easy. The camera is located in front of a five star lodge which means we must have care and consideration for the lodge guests and then the team who are working there need to keep an eye on the wildlife. As you know there are several Hippo in the dam right now and I can tell you that a couple of them do not take kindly to people. While Craig and I were scouting the area yesterday one large female was getting a little too close for comfort so we kept the Jigga close by, just in case we needed to make a dash for it. Nothings easy in Africa.

My apologies that it has taken so long for us to get to this point, but it is something we promised and we aim to keep our promises.

Written by Will


  1. All I can say is I am Thrilled!!!Will, I have asked before, please find a way to have a zoomie there at night. I know there was talk about a remote zoomie. Either is great. It is very necessary in a truly professional Web Cam!

  2. Glad to hear this news!

    Would it be possible to set up a temporary camera on the original camera tree next to the little Gowrie Pan, so that the viewers can watch during the cable digging and installation work?

    This is what WE did when the current cam cable was laid and post-tree & previous camera were installed. We had a blast watching the work progressing, it increased viewership's familiar feelings and feelings of involvement - and most importantly, it increased viewership numbers manyfold. -SharonAustria