Friday, April 8, 2011

Recent camera changes

Hi everyone.

Just a quick blog to inform you that two days ago WE changed back to using our previous camera on our live safaris. The reason for this temporary change is that we needed to send our 3D camera in for general maintenance in Johannesburg.

We will be operating this camera up until such time that our 3D camera returns from Johannesburg.

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. If you can find a way to keep this camera for the drives, and do your 3D filming separate, it would be fantastic. So many more people poured back to see this P.M. drive that I haven't seen in chat in months and months. Frankly people have given up. Please do your best to represent the viewers to whoever decides this!

  2. i so wish you would stay with this camera The other camera makes it impossible for ppl to watch As a long time supporter and viewer I so wish you could stay with this camera Ive watched and supported WE since ya started but cannot and dont watch the new camera It is the poorest quality and i used to watch the dam cam also but do not watch that cam at all.I have given up.I will watch the drives as long as this camera used then guess i will quit again I saw mixo an induna grow up and wish we had the clarity we had back then when Wonky roamed and karula raised her boys Thank you

  3. While I definitely agree that this cam is better, clearer, etc., I do not think the other cam is so bad...and it is for sure not so bad that I cannot watch, which is true for many watchers. There are times, for sure, when it is not a good, clear picture, but a lot of the time it is not bad at all... I have been a fan for a year and a half... am still and will always be a fan, whichever cam is used. Nevertheless, I would like to say it would be great to have a clearer cam, with better closeups, back full time! Thanks!