Thursday, April 14, 2011

Return of Jacques Human

Following on from my earlier blog regarding Jacques Gouws, I am pleased to say the Jacques Human (who was with us last weekend) has asked to come back for some extra days try out.
I know how popular that Jacques Human was, so I am very pleased to give him some more time with us.
Towards the end of his time with us, there was a question raised about a hunting photograph he had on his private facebook page.
To put this in context, I think it would be unfair to think of this as any more than something that a young man tried and not the definition of his character. His work in guiding and the passion he has shown for nature conservation show the true Jacques.
Let's not forget that many conservationists historically and today have hunted, but that did not define them, indeed it was often the key for them to change path and go into conservation. I have many friends who are well known and dedicated conservationists who have hunted in the past and then taken a different path. I for one would not hold such an indiscretion against a young man and not allow him an opportunity to change.
I hope you will join me in welcoming Jacques back. I know the crew are all looking forward to seeing him again.
Written by Will


  1. Thank you Will, I also believe in giving people a second or even third chance at most things.
    To judge some one before you properly know them is in deed unfair.
    Looking forward to seeing Jacques Human again, I truly enjoyed his presentations.

  2. Very well said Will, and I really hope everyone reads this, especially those who have doubts because of the hunting issue. I am sure most of us did things when youthfully exploring, and some things we moved away from and some we embraced... I look forward to seeing Jacques again. For many reasons I thought he did a great job!

  3. As one that was less than thrilled by the hunting discussion, I must say that you have said it well and have put me straight, Will. I *certainly* would not want to be judged on things I've done in my youth. I look forward to enjoying more of Jacques' knowledge and good humor!

  4. If that's the case as Will described it, then Jacques should have made his personal FB page private so those photos weren't even seen. Did he not think it would be an issue to a large percentage of the WE audience? WILL, did you not think it would be an issue??

    I believe everything happens for a reason. Food for thought, hey?

    I did like his skills and yet the image stays embedded in my mind. I DO NO THINK THIS IS ABOUT SECOND CHANCES. It's about common sense and compassion.

  5. Elin... I am not sure what you mean by a large percentage of the WE audience, because I doubt that is the case - I also don't think many people would think about privatizing a personal FB page - first of all, although I also don't approve of hunting unless for food, why would he hide it? He probably never thought people would try to search out his page, and then use it in a negative way. Given the other work he has been doing, and his conduct on the try out drives, I do believe he has much compassion for the wild creatures. As Will and someone else (I forget who) said, many ardent conservationists did hunt in their pasts. People can and do change and I don't think they should be criticized for the past, but embraced for who they are now. I have known a few people who used to hunt, but their hearts were opened when they saw the suffering it can cause, the young left to fend for themselves, etc.

  6. Ive yet to actually find what FB page it is. I searched his name and there are several Jacques Humans but none of them I think looks like him .. the beard could be fooling me. When did he give out his FB page?

  7. I think someone just happened to find it... I believe he has now made it private, and who can blame him! I never saw it, but saw the comments...

  8. I am very happy to hear that Jacques will be back for more drives as I thoroughly enjoyed the drives he has already done. He made his drives fun, informative and interesting even when animals were scarce. I think he would be a wonderful addition to the WE staff.

  9. I am so happy that Jacques is back!! Tara also needed to rest, so a big fat hug and thank you to the Human, Jacques that is! lol
    Would love to see Jacques as part of the team!!
    As far as what Jacque may have done in his past, who are we to throw the first stone. His actions at Wildearth says it all to me. He rocks!!!

  10. Very well said Binky! I would love to see that too... fingers and toes tightly crossed!

  11. I hope jac does not get hired and im one of many.The sneaky way he went about if he has nothing to hide hmm.I dont trust him. There r many of us who have the same opinion so we just dont watch his drives as no one listens and no one cares.Sidney seems to have the compassion we need here on drive.He dont refer to the wildlife as game.