Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sydney PM drive

Hi Folks
As you may know Sydney arrived in camp a few days ago and after some induction training is ready for his first drive, scheduled for this afternoon.
That's the good news. The not so good news is that Sydney received a call last night with some bad news from home, and although he has insisted that he be allowed to complete this afternoons drive, he will need to leave tomorrow to be with his family.
It goes without saying that we will hold a try out spot for him to come back when he feels the time is right to complete more drives.
Thankfully Jacques has offered to stay on for a few more days and cover some more drives. His must be the longest try out session we have ever had, but Jacques is enjoying his time with us, so all is well.
We have a series of other candidates who wish to join us for try out and are making arrangements to be with us in May. The Easter holiday means that most guides tend to be busy for the next week, but we have a lot of great folks who are keen to try out after that. I'll pass on the details when we have confirmed the dates throughout May.

Written by Will


  1. Thanks for the update Will. I do have a question though and it is this. Since you were already short a presenter before Patrick had to leave and had some try outs scheduled last year that never came to pass, it would seem that there are at least 2 slots open. As Jacques has demonstrated a great willingness to help out, and as he is well liked by most viewers (from what I can tell), is it fair to ask him to wait until some time next month to learn if he will have a job offer? How about offering him the first position and let the other try outs vie for the second. Not to mention that your long stated desire to put out two vehicles per drive will require additional presenters.

    My two cents says offer Jacques a position. He is wonderful as a presenter and demonstrates many fine personal traits as well.

    Jon M
    Brooklyn, NY

  2. I whole-heartedly second what Jon says!