Friday, May 27, 2011

Back to live

Folks, another update for you in the long running saga of the Djuma Tower.
Good news- the tower has been repaired and we have restored the radio link. Final testing is being completed but all looks good.
While we have been off air we have taken time to service both the Ganda and wait for it....yes the Jigga.
I know how many of you were keen that we brought the Jigga back into service so we have assembled some spare parts and we're close to having her back available.
To be honest we had assumed that the mast repair would take a little longer and had planned accordingly. So for example Marc has gone on early leave which means we are a bit short handed. With this in mind we will only be operating the PM drives for the next couple of days as we also need time to complete some of the outstanding vehicle servicing to bring us back to full operations.
First return drive will be PM tomorrow Saturday 27th.

Some more good news. I have been talking with Jacques this week to see if we can persuade him to join the team at Djuma. We have a verbal agreement and I hope to put pen to paper on a contract over the next few days.

Even more good news. I know that many of you were wondering what would become of Siphiwe once the Djuma water hole camera was handed over to the zoomies. Rest assured we don't want to loose Siphiwe, she will stay with the team working behind the scenes in a new admin role that she is keen to grow in to. This new role fits nicely with her own ambitions and is a direction that she wishes to go in, so its another win win.


  1. So much good news Will I just don't know what to do except to thank you and your wonderful team! Fingers tightly crossed that Jacques will be on board very soon... He will be a great addition to an awesome group of people! And happy too that Siphiwe will be staying in a role she wants. All in all, WOW - nice news to wake up to!

  2. Ok, this must be my birthday or Christmas!!! So much great news in one day for me. lol You all have done an awesome job and we do appreciate you so much. Thank you and hugs to all!!!!

  3. Thanks for all this good news, Will. This is a fine day!

  4. Can Siphiwe still join Sandra and myself for breakfast on WE.Ning chat please?

    Thank you.

  5. Yea the Jigga and Jacques!!!! I couldn't be happier. Awesome news, and I can not wait!!!! Hip hip hoorah!!!

  6. Yeah!!! Thats all great news!! Can't wait to hopefully see Jacques again!! Excited for the PM drive tomorrow!! Thanks Will and all for all you guys do, you are all awesome!!!!

  7. Great news all round. Looking forward to this evenings drive.

  8. so glad you are back Will so sorry about the storms so damaging to you all.