Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Presenter try-outs

Today WE were supposed to see another try-out arrive for the position of presenter for WildEArth Safari. Unfortunately a family emergency has resulted in a cancellation and at this stage, there are no new prospects coming in this week.

I would like to thank everyone for the input WE have received regarding the guys that have been here to take a few drives. This input is important for us to get a feel four how the presenters come across to international viewers and how well they are understood.

There have been a few queries as to why some are given multiple drives whilst others are only here for one or two. In the past, we have made decisions on only a short try-out by prospective presenters and this time round we decided to have the try-outs spend a few days here so that they could work through nervousness and first time jitters.

For some this has been helpful, as they relax after a couple of drives. However, when we are confident that a try-out simply does not have what it takes to fill the position, we have made a collective decision to stop the audition, knowing that the person still has a long way to go to have a presence on camera.

All guides in the country go through rigorous training programmes as well as tough theoretical exams to qualify. This means that anyone coming in to interview will have a great pool of knowledge to share. However, it is the manner in which this knowledge and experience is imparted as well as the interpretation and understanding of animal behaviour and how, with an individuals personality, this all makes up the presenter package that we are looking for.

WE do not have anyone else lined up for this week but I will keep our viewers informed of when we will be continuing the search.


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  1. Such a great program and you are so right, some are naturals and for others radio may be the way to go!!!
    Tara & yourself are excellent examples of good camera presence, excellent knowledge and a cool demeanor.
    Keep up the good work, I am ready to roll and get on the afternoon drive.