Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Try-outs continue

We have had a serious internet problem that has taken a couple of days to sort out and it is due to this that the blog has been delayed.

Today WE are expecting the arrival of Jan-Francis Vorster who comes from a town called Hectorspruit. His training was at a very reputable organisation called The Bushveld Training Academy and I have no doubt that his knowledge will compliment that of the current presenters. Jan-Francis has had experience from several areas in the country and I am sure he will share these with the viewer’s when he is out on his try-out drives. WE look forward to welcoming him in camp and hope you will give him the support that we have enjoyed from you over the years. Jan-Francis will be doing his first drive on Wednesday 11th May but as yet we will need to assess whether he will be ready to present in the morning or in the afternoon. WE will keep you posted on the safari Channel Page on Facebook and the calendar.


Photo by Marc Weiner


  1. marc,
    I have to do it ..handsome fella Jan-Francis Vorster is by this picture ... once again .. this should be a verrrry interesting try-out ..

  2. Already love him! He must be Marc's favorite too Puppy!