Thursday, June 23, 2011

Changing role

I know many of you have been asking if Siphiwe will be affected by the changes that are being made to the Djuma Water Hole camera. And I understand that you are worried that she could no longer have a position with us at Djuma. To put your minds at rest, Siphiwe will be staying with the team at Djuma. However as you may be aware the W/H camera is moving over to a new system similar to that used at petes pond. The details of which are best explained by our Pete and I know he will letting you know more about the new system later.
The good news is that Siphiwe has already started in her new behind the scenes role, assisting the crew with a variety of admin tasks as well as supervising the cleaning staff and looking at some of the post production work that the editors will produce.

I know that Siphiwe is keen to develop into her new role and the crew at Djuma are also keen to support her.
Although Siphiwe will be very busy, I'm sure she will have time to keep in touch with you all via facebook and let you know how things are going.

Written by Will Fox


  1. Thanks Will, for the update on your friend Siphiwe.
    Regards Doris

  2. Thanks Will, and congratulations to Siphiwe! I am so glad she is staying...