Monday, June 27, 2011

The Return of the PM Safari!

Hello everyone,
As you are all well aware, WE here at WildEarth Safari have only been able to broadcast a morning safari for some time now. We had our operation compromised when a serious storm and what must have been a mini-tornado, ripped through Djuma Game Reserve, disabling the antenna and other important equipment. I went on leave and this meant that we had only one presenter in camp when there was a return of some sort of normalcy to allow the broadcasts to continue. Tara was alone when we restarted drives and it was necessary to reduce the drives to only one per day so as not to over stress the crew as there was a lot going on at the time. When I returned, it was time for Tara to take a break and now that we will be back to having both of us on site, it is time to resume our PM safaris. I am looking forward to once again be able to follow up on the morning's sightings and, most importantly, reconnect with those of you who have been unable to join us in the mornings. I would like to thank you all for your support over the last few weeks and I hope that WE can get back to our normal routine, immersing you in the lives of the characters we have all come to love.
We will be heading out at 15h30 CAT, which is 09h30 EST and 06h30 PST as of tomorrow, June 28 2011.
We have had some fantastic sightings lately and I will endeavour to post some of those images as soon as I can. We had two big male lion pass through, We have had the Tsalala pride come to Djuma, at first only the old lady, BB sans tail with her 4 granddaughters and today we were lucky to find them on a buffalo kill near Buffelshoek dam with the two adult lionesses, making a formidable force of 7 lionesses that had brought down the adult buffalo cow.
I think the best sighting all week so far has been this morning's time with Karula and the two bundles-of-spots-that-have-yet-to-be-named. They were seen last night by the guests shortly after Karula killed and treed a young impala and it was wonderful to se them still on the kill this morning. The two cubs had obviously had their fill and as soon as one of the local hyenas had departed, they began a game of tag and tumble.
There have been elephant about, we have seen the crash of rhino we are becoming familiar with, even seeing six of them at one point and there has even been a visit from the Styx lionesses and young male at the same time that we had some unidentified males wandering Buffelshoek cutline.
I can only hope that this run of wonderful sightings continues in the coming weeks and that you can all catch up what you may have missed live.
See you from the Ganda in the morning,


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  1. Thanks Marc, it has been great findings this week on the morning drives with in the seat, I did not go on the chat though no distractions, hoping to watch the afternoon drives if possible.