Monday, September 5, 2011

Karula's family tree... in pictures.

Hi everyone!

The picture of Safari, Karula and Matimba was from Fay a little while ago and I was hoping to be able to use it at some stage! It shows Karula's mother and Karula's brother Matimba who was born in Dec 2005! 

We have had 3 people take up the Karula's family tree challenge and with a brilliant outcome too! I hope these help understand how Karula is related to the other leopards we see! Each one adds something interesting to the tree! Click on each one for a closer look!

By Anat
Anat's helps to show the uncertainty of the actual father regarding Tandi and Shadow. It could be either male. I understand there was a mating seen by guides of Mafufunyane with Karula when she was very young which could have resulted in the first litter but there is some uncertainty. The way he has interacted with them does lean towards him being the father. 

By Stacy
Stacy's helps to show who of the family are male and female.

And John's includes the order the litters were born in as well as all the family's birth years. 

Thank you once again to John, Stacy and Anat for putting these brilliant family trees together for everyone to enjoy!


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